Support for ARMv6-M architecture & STM32F0 chips

In the last few weeks distortos gained support for ARMv6-M architecture (ARM Cortex-M0(+) and ARM Cortex-M1 cores). The first chip family added to distortos using this architecture is STM32F0. You can select any of 72 chips from that family in the Kconfig configuration system and they are all supported by source code of distortos. Total number of supported chips rose to 281!

As usually, the changes include support and test configuration for a board with such chip – this time it is a very cheap NUCLEO-F091RC board with STM32F091RC microcontroller, which can run with frequency up to 48MHz.

Menus implemented in Kconfig configuration tool allow you to configure chip’s clocks without writing a single line of code. This is obviously similar to other chip families supported by distortosSTM32F1 and STM32F4 – creating unified workflow for all of them.