distortos 0.6.0 released

Development leading to release of distortos 0.6.0 took a bit longer than planned, but after almost 10 months and over 500 commits – here it is! Just as usual, main release is accompanied with snapshots of distortosExamples and distortosTemplateSubfolder with 20180701 timestamps.

This release brings support for complete STM32L4 family of microcontrollers (ARM Cortex-M4 core, ARMv7-M architecture), which increases total number of supported chips to 568.

Devicetree-based board generator was replaced with one using *.yaml files as input. Model of data in YAML files resembles devicetree, but is more suited for requirements of distortos (static code generation instead of dynamic run time configuration). New version of generateBoard.py requires ruamel.yaml parser/emitter module and jinja2 template engine.

New version of board generator was used to add support for following boards:

New release also introduces important changes in build infrastructure. First of all, support for using tup for building distortos was completely removed. Second notable change in this area is a first attempt at using CMake for building the project. Version 0.6.0 will be the last one to support configuration with Kconfig and compilation with make – next versions will use CMake exclusively (which can also generate regular Makefiles). It is worth noting that at this point all configuration is still done with KconfigCMake loads selected distortosConfiguration.mk and only deals with compilation.

Version 0.6.0 adds first version of C-API – currently very incomplete, only for condition variables, mutexes and semaphores. Appropriate headers can be included from distortos/C-API/.

Source packages in 7z and tar.xz formats may be found in Downloads section or downloaded directly using the links below:

Browse the changelogs of respective packages for a complete list of changes: