distortosTemplateSubfolder change log

20190505 – 2019-05-05


  • Implemented full support for configuring and building with CMake. The new CMake workflow does not need Kconfig or any shell tools – just CMake (version 3.7 or later), build tool (it is recommended to use Ninja) and arm-none-eabi bleeding-edge-toolchain (GCC version 5 or later). Check README.md for more details about usage.


  • Removed support for configuring with Kconfig and building with make. Both of these tasks are now handled by CMake.

20180701 – 2018-07-01


  • CMake-based build system. At this moment all configuration is still done with KconfigCMake loads selected distortosConfiguration.mk and only deals with compilation. Typical use case involves following steps: select configuration with make configure CONFIG_PATH=..., create output folder of your choice (mkdir output) and enter it (cd output), configure compilation with cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../distortos/cmake/Toolchain-arm-none-eabi.cmake and finally start the build with make. You can obviously use other CMake generators, e.g. Ninja, Eclipse CDT4 project, … CMake-based build system will only support configurations with proper board, i.e. “Custom board” choice for “Board” in Kconfig is not supported.


  • Removed tup build infrastructure – tup is no longer supported for building distortos.

20170914 – 2017-09-14

This is just a snapshot with version 0.5.0 of distortos.

20170311 – 2017-03-11

This is just a snapshot with version 0.4.0 of distortos.

20161124 – 2016-11-24

This is just a snapshot with version 0.3.0 of distortos.

20160503 – 2016-05-03

This is just a snapshot with version 0.2.0 of distortos.

20160226 – 2016-02-26


  • Basic make and tup build infrastructure.
  • Some example sources and headers to demonstrate how the template and build files are supposed to work.
  • README.md file with some brief explanation and quick examples.
  • Integration with Travis CI service.