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SortedIntrusiveList.hpp File Reference

SortedIntrusiveList template class header. More...

#include "estd/IntrusiveList.hpp"
#include <algorithm>
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class  estd::SortedIntrusiveList< Compare, T, NodePointer, U >
 SortedIntrusiveList class is an IntrusiveList with sorted elements. More...
struct  estd::SortedIntrusiveList< Compare, T, NodePointer, U >::Implementation
 Implementation struct is used primarily for "Empty Base Optimization" with Compare type. More...


 Collection of useful templates.


template<typename Compare , typename T , IntrusiveListNode T::* NodePointer, typename U = T>
void estd::swap (SortedIntrusiveList< Compare, T, NodePointer, U > &left, SortedIntrusiveList< Compare, T, NodePointer, U > &right)
 Swaps contents of two lists. More...

Detailed Description

SortedIntrusiveList template class header.

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