Project template & examples

Two new repositories related to distortos were recently created – project template and examples. These should make it easier to start your own project using distortos, so they are no less important than the main repository with the system.

Repository with subfolder template can be used as a base for an application using distortos. The “subfolder” in the name comes from the location of distortos sources within the project – it can be placed in any subfolder, like distortos/ (default), external/distortos/, 3rd-party/distortos/ or even some/very/complex/and/long/path/to/something/. See README file for some more details and instructions for configuration and building.

Example applications published in the second repository try to demonstrate various features of distortos. Currently there’s just one “classic” application example – LED blinker based on static threads – but more are coming soon. The intention is to show how to do “things” in distortos and what is the preferred way of using provided API. Just as with the template, you can find some more info in (a very similar) README file.

And there’s even a short video of staticThreadBlinker application blinking 4 LEDs with 4 threads (with various periods) on STM32F4DISCOVERY board.