Example MQTT projects for STM32F7

A few days ago I’ve uploaded a new repository with an example project for STM32F7 chip family. STM32F7-ETH-LAN8720A-lwIP-MQTT is a very simple MQTT demo application which connects to the broker via Ethernet link. This project is targeted for 32F746GDISCOVERY (also known as STM32F746G-DISCO) and NUCLEO-F767ZI boards. Both of the boards feature a Microchip LAN8720A PHY, but you can easily adapt the project to any board which has the same (or compatible) PHY. The application itself is very simple – it reports to the MQTT broker when the state of board’s button changes and allows you to remotely control the state of board’s LED(s). Main purpose of this project is to demonstrate how to integrate distortos with external libraries, in this case lwIP TCP/IP stack and ST’s STM32F7 HAL library (used in the driver for Ethernet interface).

Actually a few months ago I’ve also published a very similar project, but using a different method to connect to the MQTT broker. STM32F7-USB-host-ME906-lwIP-MQTT – as hinted by the name – uses Huawei ME906 4G/LTE USB modem instead of Ethernet. This modem is also available as HP LT4112 Gobi – it’s exactly the same hardware, but with different VID/PID pair. The application supports both of them. In addition to the two libraries mentioned earlier, this project also integrates ST’s USB host library. Similarly to the previously mentioned one, this project is configured for the same two boards and the MQTT application is identical.