distortos  v0.7.0
object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers
distortos::architecture::anonymous_namespace{ARMv6-M-ARMv7-M-startScheduling.cpp} Namespace Reference


void startScheduling ()
 Start of scheduling for ARMv6-M and ARMv7-M. More...
 BIND_LOW_LEVEL_INITIALIZER (70, startScheduling)

Function Documentation

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void distortos::architecture::anonymous_namespace{ARMv6-M-ARMv7-M-startScheduling.cpp}::startScheduling ( )

Start of scheduling for ARMv6-M and ARMv7-M.

Initializes all required hardware/software to perform context switching and starts the scheduling. This function is called before constructors for global and static objects via BIND_LOW_LEVEL_INITIALIZER().