distortos  v0.7.0
object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers
distortos::anonymous_namespace{ARMv6-M-ARMv7-M-PendSV_Handler.cpp} Namespace Reference


void checkStackPointerWrapper (const void *const stackPointer)
 Wrapper for check of stack pointer range. More...
void * schedulerSwitchContextWrapper (void *const stackPointer)
 Wrapper for void* distortos::internal::getScheduler().switchContext(void*) More...

Function Documentation

◆ checkStackPointerWrapper()

void distortos::anonymous_namespace{ARMv6-M-ARMv7-M-PendSV_Handler.cpp}::checkStackPointerWrapper ( const void *const  stackPointer)

Wrapper for check of stack pointer range.

If the check fails, FATAL_ERROR() is called.

[in]stackPointeris the current thread's stack pointer value, including the frame which will be stacked
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◆ schedulerSwitchContextWrapper()

void* distortos::anonymous_namespace{ARMv6-M-ARMv7-M-PendSV_Handler.cpp}::schedulerSwitchContextWrapper ( void *const  stackPointer)

Wrapper for void* distortos::internal::getScheduler().switchContext(void*)

[in]stackPointeris the current value of current thread's stack pointer
new thread's stack pointer
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