distortos  v0.7.0
object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers
distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response Class Reference

R1 response. More...

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Public Types

using Errors = R1ResponseErrors
 import R1ResponseErrors More...
using RawR1Response = ShortResponse
 type of raw R1 response More...

Public Member Functions

constexpr R1Response (const RawR1Response r1)
 R1Response's constructor. More...
CardState getCurrentState () const
bool isError (const Errors ignoredErrors={}) const
 Checks whether R1 response contains any error. More...

Private Attributes

RawR1Response r1_
 raw R1 response data More...

Detailed Description

R1 response.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Errors

using distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::Errors = R1ResponseErrors

import R1ResponseErrors

◆ RawR1Response

using distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::RawR1Response = ShortResponse

type of raw R1 response

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ R1Response()

constexpr distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::R1Response ( const RawR1Response  r1)

R1Response's constructor.

[in]r1is the raw R1 response data

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCurrentState()

CardState distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::getCurrentState ( ) const
value of CURRENT_STATE bit field
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◆ isError()

bool distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::isError ( const Errors  ignoredErrors = {}) const

Checks whether R1 response contains any error.

[in]ignoredErrorsare all errors which should be ignored in the check, default - none
true if R1 response contains any error, false otherwise
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Member Data Documentation

◆ r1_

RawR1Response distortos::devices::anonymous_namespace{SdCard.cpp}::R1Response::r1_

raw R1 response data

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