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object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers
STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp File Reference

DmaChannel class implementation for DMAv2 in STM32. More...

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 Top-level namespace of distortos project.
 Chip-related code of distortos project.


uint8_t distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::getChannelShift (const uint8_t channelId)
 Gets channel shift for shared DMA registers (LISR, LISR, LIFCR and HIFCR). More...
uint32_t distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::modifyCr (const uint32_t cr, const DmaChannelPeripheral &dmaChannelPeripheral, const uint32_t clear, const uint32_t set)
 Modifies current value of CR register. More...
uint32_t distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::readIsr (const DmaPeripheral &dmaPeripheral, const uint8_t channelId)
 Reads current value of LISR or HISR register. More...
void distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::writeIfcr (const DmaPeripheral &dmaPeripheral, const uint8_t channelId, const uint32_t ifcr)
 Writes value to LIFCR or HIFCR register. More...


constexpr uint8_t distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::maxRequest {DMA_SxCR_CHSEL_Msk >> DMA_SxCR_CHSEL_Pos}
 maximum allowed value for request identifier More...
constexpr uint32_t distortos::chip::anonymous_namespace{STM32-DMAv2-DmaChannel.cpp}::tcieHtieTeieDmeieEnFlags
 TCIE, HTIE, TEIE, DMEIE and EN flags of CR register. More...

Detailed Description

DmaChannel class implementation for DMAv2 in STM32.

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