distortos  v0.5.0
object-oriented C++ RTOS for microcontrollers
distortos::test::anonymous_namespace{SignalsCatchingTestCase.cpp}::SignalMaskStep Class Reference

test step that sets signal mask More...

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Public Member Functions

constexpr SignalMaskStep (const SignalSet signalMask)
 SignalMaskStep's constructor. More...
int operator() () const
 SignalMaskStep's function call operator. More...

Private Attributes

SignalSet signalMask_
 signal mask that will be set for current th

Detailed Description

test step that sets signal mask

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SignalMaskStep()

constexpr distortos::test::anonymous_namespace{SignalsCatchingTestCase.cpp}::SignalMaskStep::SignalMaskStep ( const SignalSet  signalMask)

SignalMaskStep's constructor.

[in]signalMaskis the signal mask that will be set for current thread

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

int distortos::test::anonymous_namespace{SignalsCatchingTestCase.cpp}::SignalMaskStep::operator() ( ) const

SignalMaskStep's function call operator.

Sets configured signal mask for current thread.

0 on success, error code otherwise
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Member Data Documentation

◆ signalMask_

SignalSet distortos::test::anonymous_namespace{SignalsCatchingTestCase.cpp}::SignalMaskStep::signalMask_

signal mask that will be set for current thread

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